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The Ceres Bag


Handcrafted with 100% cotton rope, The Ceres Bag is sturdy enough for your picnic fixings, yet airy enough to relay the ocean breeze. It’s made from cotton sustainably sourced in South Africa and sewn together using a coiling technique.

Our bag collection features three bags handcrafted in partnership with Mia Melange, made from a love for texture, nature and ancient crafting. Made with cotton grown in South Africa by farmers part of the Better Cotton Initiative, The Ceres Bag combines sustainability with practicality. The bags empower women in South Africa by creating opportunities for locals who were previously unemployed.

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Racerback fit

The Racerback (no M)

Size Measurements

Bust Waist Hips
XS 30A / 32A 24 34-35
S 34A/32B/34B 25-26 36-37
M 32C/34C/36B 27-28 37-38
L 36C / 34D 29-30 39-40

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The Details

  • 100% cotton rope sourced in South Africa
  • Cotton farmed using the Better Cotton Initiative's sustainability practices
  • Sewn using coiling technique

Material + Construction

The Source

South africa flag 1x

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Where It's Made

South africa flag 1x

Stellenbosch, South Africa

The net bag details

Wash + Care

Your bag goes through a lot and deserves the right care.

To clean dirt and scuff marks off the cotton, rub it with the adhesive side of tape, or gently spot clean with a wet cloth and mild soap. It is best for the cotton rope not to get wet, as the dyed rope may run when wet. Please ensure the product dries evenly.

Your bag will thank you.

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